Pumpkin Patch

This past Sunday, we took Leah to the Pumpkin Patch.  She had a great time!
Here are a few photos of the day.

There is nothing more beautiful than this face!

Me and My Girl - My Life

It was so much fun to have Colin join us! 
Leah loves Uncle Colin!

Beautiful Moments

Leah and Daddy

Loving Her Pumpkin!

Courtesy of my brother Colin!
Thanks for the beautiful photo!

The end results!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope it was safe and fun!

Sneak Peak - E-Session

Here is a sneak peak of today's engagement session.
Today was my first time officially meeting Jacob and Michelle.
Up until this point we had only "met" through email.
We connected right from the beginning and the e-session was a sweet success!
Jacob and Michelle are such a sweet down to earth, fun loving couple!
They are getting married June 2012!

For now...
here is a sneak peak...
I will share more from the session and of the sweet couple later!!

Take Me Away

Take me away..
Just for a day....

Who wouldn't want to be laying on this beach right now?
Feeling the hot breeze blowing off the ocean . . . 
sun glistening on your face . . .
closing your eyes and feeling paradise all over you.
(and maybe a pina coloda for each hand..)

Just for a day . . . Maybe two..
(then it can be Christmas! :-)  )

Fall Family Photo Session

Here is a sneak peak from today's family photo session!
It looks like the beautiful Gidge family will be making this an annual occasion.
Last year we met in Rockwood to have their family session, (click here to see last year's session)
this year they came to Kitchener.

Here's a sneak peak!
More photos coming soon!

Milestones - University Graduation

The beautiful Brittany graduates this coming December from
with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology.
(also known as human kinetics is the scientific study of human movement)
Although she is currently completing her final semester, (6 weeks to go!!)
she wanted to do a fun graduation photo session before the winter wonderland arrived!

Upon graduation, Brittany will be applying to Teacher's College!
Once accepted, she will start in September 2012!
During the time between graduation and starting teachers college
Brittany has some exciting adventures planned!

First, she plans to work full-time from January until June.
Somewhere during this time a ski trip OR TWO are in the making!
Then she has a vacation planned to Florida.
Following this, the biggest adventure will be backpacking Europe for 2 MONTHS!
During which time, she will also be enjoying a pitstop to the OLYMPICS!
Brittany is certainly in for an awesome adventure this next year!

I think it is absolutely awesome!
You only get one life to live and the "Here and Now" is the only time to embrace it!

Live it up girl!
Follow your dreams and your heart!
Both will take you places!

Brittany you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!


Brittany, congratulations on such a great accomplishment.
You are a beautiful, talented young lady with so much to offer this world!

It's a big world out there, and it's yours!
Enjoy it!
Have fun on all your adventures!

And girl...
you are
B - E - A - U - T - I - F - U - L
Don't ever forget that! :-)

Photo Session Location:
Galt, ON.

Leah and Jesse Turn 2 !

Here they are!
The two cutest 2 year olds!
Leah + Jesse.

Christa and I said we will try and do these "Dual" photo sessions until the kids go to school.
I really hope we can continue to do this.
 It is so much fun, and such wonderful keepsakes.

These photos were taken a few weeks prior to the munckins actually turning two.
One beautiful Sunday afternoon,
Christa and I met up at Orchard Home Farms in St. George.
We had as much fun as the kids!

Happy Birthday to Leah + Jesse!
You are loved SO MUCH!

Dont worry, those were not the apples we ended up keeping!

The little darling!

Handsome little man

How cool are they???


My absolute favorite photo of my girl! (from this session)


Love this! Dirty bum and all!

Happy birthday beautiful babes!